Tips & Tricks for an Incredible Adventure

Save time, energy and money with these helpful vacation strategies. Organize now so you can focus on enjoying memory-making adventures once you arrive.

    Have Snacks on Hand

    Snacks become especially important when you have a longer-than-expected wait or finicky eaters.

    Create a Trip Playlist

    When you return home, your family can relive the happy memories by singing favorite tunes.

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    Schedule Breaks

    Everyone will feel refreshed by heading back to the hotel for an afternoon nap or cool dip in the pool.

    Sisters hang on tight as they ride on the Mine Train Rollercoaster attraction at Disney ©Disney

    Rider Swap or Switch

    This service is featured at all major theme parks - just let a ride attendant be aware of your need.

    Rent Lockers & Buy Chargers

    Most of Orlando’s theme parks offer easy-to-use locker rentals. You can also buy electronic chargers if you forget them.

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    Visit Dedicated Lands

    Orlando’s theme parks feature entire lands with rides, stage shows and activities for school-aged kids.

    A father and daughter on the Slinky Dog Dash rollercoaster at Toy Story Land in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort ©Disney

    Know Minimum Heights

    Some rides at Orlando theme parks are better suited for school-aged kids than others.

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    Contratar servicios de guardería

    Varias empresas locales pueden ayudarte con los servicios de niñera cuando quieras disfrutar de una noche sin niños en la ciudad.

    Packing for Your Orlando Trip

    Create a realistic list of everything you will need for a successful trip to Orlando. Keep things light when packing by shipping diapers and baby food directly to your hotel.

    Bathing Suits



    Protector solar

    Reusable Water Bottles

    Wipes & Hand Sanitizer

    Rain Ponchos

    Light Sweater or Jacket

    Más para explorar

    Nunca te quedarás sin aventuras únicas en Orlando. Mira qué más está esperando para sorprenderte.